5 Last-minute Planning Tips For A Heatwave Wedding

The summer months are the most popular time to get wed in the UK, but it’s only a few couples that are lucky enough to experience a wedding with temperatures of over 20°C. As the big day approaches, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do last minute to make a hot day easier for you and your guests.

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We’ve put together 5 planning tips to make your heatwave wedding an easier one.

  1. Talk to your venue!

    Thanks to COVID, ceremonies can now take place anywhere outside, so moving a ceremony outside last minute should be an option.  If you’re keen to make the most of it, talk to your venue about moving either the ceremony or your drinks reception outdoors.

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2. Keep indoor ceremonies and receptions cool

For indoor ceremonies or receptions, ramp up the air con or keep doors and windows open to ensure your guests aren’t going to overheat. If you’re in an older venue, electric fans are just as beneficial – just work with your stylist to ensure none of your décor gets compromised by the sudden breeze.

Planning tip: arrange a row of chairs for the wedding ceremony.
Planning tip: arrange a row of chairs for the wedding ceremony.

3. Create shady spots for guests

Shade is everything for weddings in a heatwave. Setting up a gazebo or a small seating area under a shady tree will be popular with elderly guests, children and anyone who suffers in the heat.

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4. Keep bouquets out of the heat

Heat, unfortunately, can cause your wedding flowers to wilt. When you’re done taking pictures with them, place them in the shade in a vase with plenty of water to prolong their lifespan.

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5. Keep your guests hydrated

It’s likely you’ll already have a bar on the go, but a water station with regular refills of iced lemon water will be appreciated by guests, especially if you’re spending a few hours outdoors. Dehydration in hot temperatures can be dangerous, so encourage your guests to make use of the water station as much as you can.

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If your wedding day is going to be a scorcher, hopefully these tips will make the day run just as smoothly.

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