Small Wedding, Big Style: How to Create an Intimate Wedding That Impresses

Your wedding day is a special occasion that celebrates love, commitment, and your unique bond. For some, a big wedding with all the bells and whistles is the dream, but for others, a small and intimate event is the perfect way to say “I do". However, don't let a smaller guest list fool you into thinking that style is compromised. In fact, an intimate wedding provides loads of opportunities for creativity and personal touches that a larger event may not allow. In this article, I'll share some tips on how to create a small wedding that is big on style. From choosing the right venue to incorporating unique details, I've got you covered. So, if you're planning an intimate wedding and want to make it unforgettable, keep reading.

Choose the Right Venue

One important aspect of planning an intimate wedding is choosing the right venue. A smaller guest list provides flexibility when it comes to selecting a location, as you won't necessarily need a large ballroom or outdoor space. Consider the overall vibe you want to create and choose a venue that matches. A cozy country inn, a chic city private dining room, or a charming garden courtyard could all be perfect options for a small wedding with big style.

When evaluating venues, make sure to consider the logistical details as well. Will the venue accommodate your guest count comfortably? Is there a designated space for the ceremony and reception? Does the venue have any supplier restrictions or requirements? These are all important factors to think about when making your final decision.

Choosing the right venue for your small wedding can set the tone for the entire event. By taking the time to evaluate your options and consider the logistical details, you can find a location that is perfect for your intimate celebration.


Some of my favourite north east venues with intimate wedding space:

The Parlour at Blagdon

Barn on the Bay

The Willows at the Woodmans

The Secret Tower


Barn on the Bay Wedding Styling

Consider the Season

Another crucial aspect to consider when planning a small wedding is the season. The time of year you choose can influence the ambiance, atmosphere, and overall vibe of your big day. For example, if you're having a winter wedding, it's best to opt for indoor venues that can be transformed with soft lighting and cozy decorations. Somewhere with a garden or park for couples photos is perfect for a spring wedding, allowing you to take advantage of the natural light. Summer weddings, on the other hand, lend themselves to places with an option for an outdoor ceremony, where you can let the scenery be the backdrop. And an autumn wedding can be celebrated with the picturesque colors and textures of the season.

Choosing your venue based on the season can not only enhance the overall experience for you and your guests, but it can also help set the tone for your wedding design. With the right venue, you can create a beautiful and cohesive aesthetic that ties in with the season and showcases your personal style.

Northumberland Wedding Flowers Doxford Barns


Create a Cohesive Design

Choosing the right season for your small wedding can do wonders for the ambiance and overall atmosphere of your big day. But once you've found the perfect venue that complements your chosen season, it's time to tie everything together with a cohesive design. The key to creating a beautiful and well-thought-out wedding design for an intimate wedding is to stick to a consistent color palette and aesthetic. This means choosing your decorative elements, such as table settings, linens, and centerpieces, with the season and venue in mind. You want everything to come together seamlessly to create a stunning and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

With a well-planned design, you can make your small wedding look and feel like a grand event. Consider adding personal touches, such as family heirlooms or DIY decorations, that showcase your unique personality and style. And don't forget about the power of lighting and ambiance. Candles, string lights, and other sources of soft lighting can transform any space into a romantic and intimate setting.


Shotton Grange Northumberland Wedding Flowers

Think Outside the Box with the Florals

Once you've created a cohesive design that ties in with the season and your personal style, it's time to think outside the box with your florals. Intimate weddings offer an opportunity to go for it with a statement floral arrangement or installation to create a focal talking point. Don't be scared of going big on flowers just because you have a smaller guestlist.

Make a feature of the dining table but make sure that the flowers and centrepieces don't obstruct the view between guests. We want to encourage the informal, intimate atmosphere between the guests so table decor should either be low enough to fully see over the top or it should be high enough to not block the eyeline when seated.


A bride and groom sitting at a table in front of a fireplace.
A wedding reception with white flowers and greenery on a brick fireplace.

Make it Personal with Unique Details

As you plan your small wedding, remember that it's the little details that can make the biggest impact. Personalizing your wedding with unique details can create a truly intimate experience that reflects you and your partner's personalities, interests, and love story.

Consider incorporating elements that hold special meaning to you and your partner. Perhaps you could use a family heirloom as your "something old," or display photos of your loved ones who couldn't be there in person. These small touches can add a sentimental and heartwarming touch to your special day.

Finally, think about incorporating unique decor elements that reflect your personal style. Maybe you love vintage books, and could use them as centerpieces or incorporate them into your table settings. Or, perhaps you're a nature lover and could use natural elements like branches, leaves, or stones to create a rustic and earthy atmosphere.

By adding these special details, you can make your small wedding truly unforgettable and create a day that's all about you and your partner's love.

A bottle of wine and flowers on a wooden table.

Creating a small but stylish wedding is all about the details. From choosing the right venue to adding unique personal touches, you can create an intimate wedding that is unforgettable. Remember to consider the season, think outside the box with florals, and create a cohesive design. Don't be afraid to showcase your unique style and personality on your big day. As you plan your intimate wedding, keep in mind that it's not about the size of the guest list but about the love and memories you'll create. So, let your creativity shine and make your wedding day a reflection of your love story. As the saying goes, "Small weddings can be big on style, but they're always huge on memories."

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