A wooden gate with a sign leads to The Parlour wedding flowers garden.


Let me help you get started on choosing your wedding flowers and decorations for The Parlour at Blagdon.

If you've chosen this venue for your wedding then you'll know it's a hidden gem.

The style of this venue perfectly blends historical buildings with modern styling and the different spaces mean that your day flows beautifully.


So how do you go about styling this venue for your wedding day?

The Gardens

In the gardens you can dress the entrance arch to welcome your guests into what feels like a secret garden and inside the grounds there are lots of places for things like a vintage bike or signage.

This is also a great space for any garden games or a backdrop for a selfie spot.

The Ceremony

The ceremony space is so versatile because it's rustic enough to reflect the charm of the building but it's also modern, fresh and stylish.

The neutral decor forms a backdrop to whatever colour palette you want to add so my suggestions for decorating your ceremony space include:


If you want to add a sash you can either dress every chair, every other chair or just the aisle chairs. The chairs move from the ceremony to the reception so you don't need to dress them twice, My personal preference is every other chair but whatever suits your style is best for you.

The aisle:

You can add little floral bundles or milk bottles of flowers to the aisle chairs. Lanterns with candles on the floor down the aisle work really well or, alternatively, a line of foliage or petals can define the walkway.

Ceremony Flowers:

A statement arrangement on the signing table creates a beautiful frame for your photos but this arrangement can look stunning on the mantel of the fireplace too. If you can dress both of these it looks amazing!


The Willow Room

The Porchway:

This is a place to make a grand entrance into the reception space.

On the left hand table this is a great place to display your guest book and something to collect cards into and the easel is perfect to display a welcome sign or a table plan.

The right hand table works for a blanket box, sparklers and marshmallows for the evening, but, if you have a more elaborate table plan you can mix things up and use one of the tables instead.


The Main Room

In the main room there are so many options for the decor so let's break it down.

The Beams:

Dressing the beams adds a wow factor to the space that will give impact to both the wedding breakfast and the reception later on. There are loads of options. You can keep it simple with some fairy lights or go for a statement with big foliage garlands or hanging wisteria. I also love the look or huge swags of fabric draped between each beam or a hoop chandelier suspended from the final beam over the dancefloor.

The Tables:

If you're dressing the beams then I recommend keeping your centrepieces simple. We want to leave space for all the delicious food and drinks and your guests want to be able to see each other. When choosing a centrepiece, as long as you keep that in mind then whatever suits your style is a good idea but including candles or tealights means that your centrepieces will work in the evening too.


Are you getting married at The Parlour?

I'd love to help you style the venue and create your wedding flowers.

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