My Top 6 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers is a big task, so we’ve provided our expert tips to help you plan your dream wedding flowers because your bridal bouquet and wedding flowers are likely the most important accessory to an outfit you will ever wear.

Create a moodboard

How did we ever plan a wedding before Pinterest? An online moodboard is the perfect way to start collating ideas for your wedding flowers. Make a collection of wedding flowers that you like and then look back for a common theme. Do you see a similar colour palette in lots of the pictures or are all the bouquets a similar shape? This will help you (and your florist) to get an idea of an overall style.

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Choose a colour palette

A common belief is that couples should match their wedding flowers to a specific colour elsewhere in the wedding, such as a bridesmaid’s dress or the groom’s pocket square - but that’s not always the case. Flowers vary so much in colour, even from week to week! The same variety can look different in a matter of days and if the shades don’t match then it can look clumsy.

When planning your wedding flowers, opt for a range of tones in the same colour umbrella (such as blush pink) to safeguard any problems you may run into. Another way you can ensure your flowers match is by using a complementary colour palette to guide your florist, this way everything will work together even if it doesn’t match exactly.

Woodhill Hall Northumberland Wedding Flowers

Ceremony flowers

When picking your ceremony flowers, think about where you will sit and stand - these are the areas that you want to decorate with additional florals. Additional flowers can act as an archway, hang over your head or decorate your signing table.

Finally, highlighting the aisle creates a beautiful walkway to make your entrance. Petals or foliage scattered along the aisle; floral bundles tied to chairs or floral aisle runners are all elegant options for incorporating flowers into your grand entrance.

Shotton Grange Wedding Flowers

Wedding reception flowers

If you’re having a seated wedding breakfast, think about the centrepieces you’re going to place on each table. There are so many design options to choose from, but an important rule of thumb is that centrepieces need to not obstruct your guest’s view of each other when seated.  This is the same for the top table, too - the flowers should frame the wedding couple and allow them to be seen by the guests.

Wedding guest table at Doxford Hall

Decide on your wedding flower budget

Wedding flowers can be expensive and while there are a few expert tips to maximise your budget (including using seasonal flowers, using the same arrangement twice in different parts of the day and focussing on fewer, statement pieces) ultimately the cost will depend on the quantity required. I recommend choosing a florist because you like their style, and they understand your vision rather than shopping around for the cheapest quote. A good florist can work with a range of budgets and offer creative suggestions, just be aware of any minimum spend requirement they might have and then be upfront with what you would like to spend.

Shotton Grange Northumberland Wedding Flowers Centrepiece

When to book your wedding florist

Ideally, you should book your florist 8-12 months before your wedding. Wedding suppliers can get booked up a long time ahead of the wedding day and you don’t want to be left disappointed if you’re unable to work with your dream supplier. However, if you book too far in advance you might change your mind on the style and look of the wedding and end up having to redesign, which could incur additional costs!

Northumberland Wedding Florist

The key to your wedding flowers is to work with your florist, a good wedding florist will be able to create the perfect wedding flowers that compliment your gown, colour scheme and overall theme.

If you are in search of a wedding florist in Newcastle to help you create your dream arrangements, get in touch - we’d love to hear from you.